There are many advantages of setting up email for your business which has your domain name in the email address, it builds the brand and also makes your email address look professional and make you a credible business. Just imagine, you are writing an email to a business having versus, email with business domain is much more professional and credible.

Here are steps to setup business email for your domain or Contact Us if you would like us to set it up for you .

1. Click on below URL to start your 14 day free trial

Sign up for Gmail for your business 14 day free trial and 20% off coupon

2. click “Start free trial”


3. Click “Next”

4. Tell us about your business

5. current email address

What's your current email address?


6. Does your business have a domain?

Does your business have a domain?

At this point make a selection based on if you have existing domain or not

7a. “Yes, I have one I can use”

Follow steps here and let us know if you have any difficulties, happy to help:

7b. “No, I need one”

Click on “Get a domain for your business”

8.  Enter domain name

9. Select the domain and click Next

10. Enter address information

Follow above steps and let us know if you have any difficulties, happy to help:

How to set up a business email?

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