Easy Lead Creation:

Our application automatically converts incoming emails and contact form submissions into Salesforce leads. No more manual data entry or importing leads!

Flexible Email Templates:

Email2LeadPro supports multiple email templates, ensuring that you can capture all the necessary information in a format that suits your business needs.

Campaign Integration:

Effortlessly attach leads to specific campaigns within Salesforce. This feature allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts accurately.

Streamlined Attachment Handling:

Email2LeadPro can process attachments, ensuring that you capture all relevant files and documents associated with the lead.

Out-of-the-Box Mapping:

Our application provides out-of-the-box mapping of email attributes to lead fields, making it easy to extract and organize essential data without any complex setup.

Detailed Error Reporting:

In case of any issues, Email2LeadPro provides comprehensive error reporting, allowing you to quickly identify and resolve any problems in the lead creation process.

Unlimited Email Processing:

Email2LeadPro can handle an unlimited number of emails, so no lead is left unattended. It scales seamlessly with your growing business needs.