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Last updated: July 22, 2023

Link to the AppExchange Listing: Email2LeadPro – Convert Emails to Leads

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Setup and Configuration

This admin guide provides step by step instructions to setup email service and configure Email2LeadPro processor. It provides examples of mapping email data to lead fields.

Install Email2LeadPro Processor Package

From AppExchange, Install the Email2LeadPro package.

Link to the AppExchange Listing: Email2LeadPro – Convert Emails to Leads

Create Email Service

Go to Setup , Search for “Email Services” in Quick Find (as shown in the screenshot below)  and click on “New Email Service”

Name: Email2LeadPro , select Apex Class: Email2LeadProProcessor

Activate Email service

Click Save.

Create “Email Service Address”

Click on “New Email Address”

Email address: Email2LeadPro

Accept Email From: <keep it blank> Remove any email address from there

Once saved you should see email address similar to below.

Click View and Ensure that the Email address is activated !!

Configure Email2LeadPro App Settings

Click on App Launcher and search for Email2LeadPro App

Click on App Settings to change the application settings as per your needs.

  • Admin Emails For Notification

Email address for notification when there a warning or error while processing email. Multiple email addresses can be entered by separating by comma e.g.,

  • Always Create New Lead

When the value of “Always Create New Lead” is set as ‘Yes’ then the application allows to create new lead instead of updating existing matching lead. When the value is set as ‘No’ or ‘None’ then Email with same Last Name, Email ID, Title will update the values of matching existing lead.

  • Email Extraction Pattern

Advanced setting for special scenarios, keep it blank unless advised by support team.

  • Update Existing Data

This setting is applicable only when “Always Create New Lead” is set to No

Data means non blank value


(Existing Data)


Existing Data

= Yes


Existing Data

= No


Note: – = blank

  • Extract Email Headers

Extract Email Header setting configures extraction the header data from the email

E.g. From, To, Cc, Bcc, Date or ExtractAllHeaders to extract all headers for logging (for initial testing)

This information is added to the Notes or Activity history (depending on Log Email As Setting).

  • Lead Owner

Use it to set Lead Owner at App level , Provide either user id or queue id

E.g. 0056A000001D46x or 00G6A000001Is2i , you can override lead owner at data setting / template level

by using $AppSetting.Lead_Owner

  • Log Email As

The emails will be attached as Activity History or Note to the Lead depending on the “Log Email As” setting

Valid values are: File, Activity History, Note, Email, None (None = Email is not logged).

Incoming email on lead(new/existing) can be logged as an email instead of a task by setting the ‘Log Email As’ field value to Email.

  • Notify Admin On Warning

The value of Notify Admin On Warning is set as ‘Yes” then the admin receives the warnings while processing inbound messages else only notified when there is Fatal Error.                            

  • Process Attachments

Set it to “Yes” to allow Attachments to be processed. Attachments from email are attached to the lead.

  • Processor Engine

Always Set Processor Engine value to ‘Latest’ to avail Latest version of Email2LeadPro.


Configure Data Extraction Settings

Important note: Please ensure to setup Email Service (Refer Step 3) before starting with Data Settings.

Best Practice tip: Send test email to test the email service before adding any data settings, You can find data format of the email by reviewing email body in the activity history of the Lead created by Email2LeadPro.

Basic Configuration

To configure Data Settings, Go to the ‘Configuration’ tab.

To add parsed/extracted data from an email into the lead we must first map that email data to a Lead field (default or custom). This is done by creating a record in the data setting. To create a new mapping (data setting record), click on the ‘Add New Value’ button.


Below is an example of mapping email data to Lead fields. This is optional, configure only if you would like to parse the contents of the email.

You can add multiple mappings (data setting records) for a single lead field, for example, see ‘MobilePhone’ field, if the email has either Mobile: or M: as starting marker, you can add both. 

Lead Field Name Starting Marker Ending Marker Override Value Always Override
Name Name:
Phone Phone:
Email Email Address:
Title Title:
Company Company:
MobilePhone M:
MobilePhone MobilePhone:
LeadCampaign Campaign Name or Salesforce ID of the Campaign Check
Description__c Description: $Email.ENDOFMESSAGE
Email2__c Email2: Check
EmailHeaderField__c $EmailHeader.From Check
Description__c Description: $EmailHeader.Subject Check

You can also map email data to custom lead fields. For Example, in the above table see ‘Email2__c’ field. You have to make sure that the custom field is created on the Lead object before hand so that it is available for selection when adding a new mapping.

Using Regular Expression

Regular Expression (Regex) is a powerful tool for parsing and extracting data from an email in a much more sophisticated way. Regex can be used in Starting Markers and/or Override Markers.

Regex is basically a sequence of characters that define a search pattern which helps us extract data in the form of one or more capturing groups.  To learn how to write regex : (

To use Regex in the Starting Markers and/or Override Markers please follow the below syntax :


$Rx is a keyword which lets Email2LeadPro know that regex is being used.

n identifies which capturing group to pick up from the extracted data. The value of n can range from 0 to 7 (0 is default capturing group).

regex = Your regular Expression.


1. Finding and extracting “Website:”

$Rx:1:(?s)(?:Website : )(.*?)(?:\n)

2. Finding phone after 2nd “Phone:”


 3. Finding characters after 2nd “Name:”


Special markers and keywords

Special Marker/ Keyword Usage Purpose
$Email.STARTOFMESSAGE Starting Marker Extract text from START of email message1
$Email.ENDOFMESSAGE Ending Marker Extract text till END of email message
$EmailHeader.FROM Override Value “From” part of Email
$EmailHeader.Subject Override Value Subject of Email
$EmailHeader.TO Override Value “To” part of Email
$EmailHeader.CC Override Value “CC” email address
$EmailHeader.<HeaderName> Override Value Any value from Email Header 2
$AppSetting.<App Setting Name> Override App Setting Now you can Override App Setting at email Template level e.g. Always_Create_New_Lead can be changed at Email template level to No (while it can be Yes at App Setting level)3


  1. e.g you can use this for Description field as shown in above example
  2. Header Name  = FROM, TO, CC, Subject (Use ExtractAllHeaders to see all the values refer App Settings section)
  3. $AppSetting.<App Setting Name>: If you have a business case to update Email Opt Out flag when someone unsubscribes , you can still keep “Always Create New Lead” to Yes for creating new Sales / Marketing leads however for unsubscribe you can update existing lead by adding $AppSetting.Always_Create_New_Lead and setting it to No.
  • Click on  ‘Add New Value’ button to map new fields
  • Click on  ‘Edit All’ button to edit the existing field mapping
  • Click on  ‘Save All’ button to save all the field mapping

Differentiate multiple templates by ‘Inbound Email Address’

Some more Data Setting examples: For more supported fields: see Supported Fields

Testing and Troubleshooting

Send Email

For testing the configuration: Email below text to the email service created above (screenshot below for reference).

Name: Joe Bloggs

Phone: (123) 456-7898

Email Address:

Title: Chief Architect

Company: Acme Inc.

MobilePhone: (123) 456-7895

Description: this is a test contact to test out email to lead generation program, this is a long text to ensure that long text can be processed and saved along with lead, this is a long text to ensure that long text can be processed and saved along with lead, this is a long text to ensure that long text can be processed and saved along with lead, this is a long text to ensure that long text can be processed and saved along with lead, this is a long text to ensure that long text can be processed and saved along with lead, this is a long text to ensure that long text can be processed and saved along with lead, this is a long text to ensure that long text can be processed and saved along with lead, this is a long text to ensure that long text can be processed and saved along with lead.

Verify Lead data

Go to Lead tab and See if the Lead record is created and all the fields as per custom settings and email sent above are populated correctly.

Simulation Mode

Internally you can check for lead creation using simulate button

Note: Only “Subject” and “From” are available as Email header data in Simulation mode.

Error Messages displayed during simulation and possible fixes

Error Code Possible Fix
INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS Check App Setting “Admin Emails For Notification” for valid email address(s)
NO_MASS_MAIL_PERMISSION Check Deliverability setting (see Deliverability section below)



To get the Warning Message via email(Route error email address mentioned in email service) or in Configuration tab after simulate. Deliverability Access level must be “All email”

(In Quick Find/Search>>Deliverability. Click on Access level  drop down and select “All email” and save)


Lead Fields Usage

Supported Fields

Field Name Type Field Data Size Comments
Address ADDRESS Complex Field Address can be populated using Its components (Street,City,State,Country)
AnnualRevenue CURRENCY
City STRING 40
Company STRING 255
CompanyDunsNumber STRING 9
ConvertedDate DATE System Field
Country STRING 80
CreatedDate DATETIME System Field
Description TEXTAREA 32000
Email EMAIL 80
EmailBouncedDate DATETIME Date field can be updated (not creatable)
EmailBouncedReason STRING 255 can be updated (not creatable)
Fax PHONE 40
FirstName STRING 40
Industry PICKLIST 40
LastName STRING 80
LeadSource PICKLIST 40 Always Override : Checked
MobilePhone PHONE 40
Name STRING 121
NumberOfEmployees INTEGER 0
PostalCode STRING 20
Rating PICKLIST 40
Status PICKLIST 40
Street TEXTAREA 255
Website URL 255


Special supported Fields

Field Name Type Field Data Size Comments
LeadCampaign TEXT 100 Override Value: Campaign Name / Campaign SFDC ID

Always Override: Checked

Starting Marker: Blank

Ending Marker: Blank

RecordTypeId ID 15/18 To get the record type id, go to Setup > In Quick Search , search for Record Types, Go to Record Type under Leads, Click on the Record Type you wish to use, You will see id in the URL (for example:

Unsupported Fields

Field Name Type Field Data Size Comments
ConvertedAccountId REFERENCE 18
ConvertedContactId REFERENCE 18
ConvertedOpportunityId REFERENCE 18
CreatedById REFERENCE 18
DandbCompanyId REFERENCE 18
GeocodeAccuracy PICKLIST 40
Id ID 18
IsConverted BOOLEAN System Field
IsDeleted BOOLEAN System Field
IsUnreadByOwner BOOLEAN System Field
Jigsaw STRING 20
JigsawContactId STRING 20
LastActivityDate DATE System Field
LastModifiedById REFERENCE 18
LastModifiedDate DATETIME System Field
LastReferencedDate DATETIME System Field
LastViewedDate DATETIME System Field
MasterRecordId REFERENCE 18
SystemModstamp DATETIME System Field
PhotoUrl URL 255


How to grant Account (Org) Login Access ?

Click on View Profile and then on Settings


Click on  Grant Account Login Access


Select Appropriate “Access Duration” for “CloudGofer Support” as shown in the figure above


Go to Setup > Quick Search: Company  > “Company Information” >  Scroll down and Copy the Value given for Organization ID

Email notifying that you have granted Login Access and Also share your Org Id* which is copied in the above step.

Enable Processing of attachments

  1. First enable Accept Attachments by going to Email Service, please see screenshot below,

Select “Text Attachments” if you expect mostly text attachments, if you expect images, word docs, videos then select Binary Attachments”, if you would like accept any type of attachments then select “All”.

  1. Go to App Settings tab and enable Processing of attachments by setting “Process Attachments” to Yes.


Need help configuring Email2LeadPro App?

Please drop us an email at along with following

  1. Export of Data Settings
  2. Export of App Settings
  3. Copy of Email you are trying to process as attachment to this email
  4. Describe issue you are having or Error message you are seeing

We are here for your success !!


Gmail Integration/Forwarding

Below are the steps for forwarding email from gmail.

  1. Copy the email address created from Email Service.
  2. Go to gmail click on Settings>>Forwarding and POP/IMAP>>Add a forwarding address.

Once you add the email address g0 to Email2LeadPro App and click on Leads Tab . The email from google would create a lead, Open the lead


Then Open the email attached to the lead and Click on the Confirmation link received in the email.


Again Go to Gmail Settings — Forwarding and POP/IMAP  —  Enable forwarding as show in the image below and then Click on ” Save the Changes”.

How to find User Id for a user ?

Below are the steps for finding user id for a user

  1. Go to Manage Users in Setup
  2. Click on Users
  3. Select User you would like to get user id for
  4. Select User id from the URL as shown below

How to upgrade?

There are two ways to upgrade.
1. Install the latest version from AppExchange, here is the URL:
2. We can push the upgrade to your org, just let us know the org id where earlier version is installed by contacting support team (see the support contact details below)

Need Help?

Contact Us


Discuss and Collaborate with Email2LeadPro Community Forum

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is there a way to ignore emails from certain domains ?

A: While the Email2LeadPro App does not provide an exclusion list option, but it does provide an inclusion list option, so you can create a list of domains (or email addresses) that you want Emai2LeadPro to accept emails from. The steps, to do the same, are as follows:

  • Go to Steup, In the Quick find search box, search and select ‘Email Services’
  • Look for your Email2LeadPro Email Service, click on the ‘Edit’ action to edit it
  • In the ‘Accept Email From’ field enter a comma separated list of domains/email addresses

  • Click on the ‘Save’ button

Alternatively, you can also filter the emails being forwarded to the Email2LeadPro App by changing the settings of your Email Service Provider. For e.g. in Gmail you can set up a forwarding rule to filter and forward only selected types of emails.

Email2LeadPro Package Un Installation

To Un Install Email2LeadPro Application, you have to carry out following steps.

First you have to delete Email Addresses associated with the email service associated with “Email2LeadProProcessor” Apex Class.

1) In the SetUp –> Quick Find –> Type “email Service”
Under Custom Code Select “Email Services”
And select the “Email Service” associated with “Email2LeadProProcessor”

2) Click on “View” as shown in the figure below

3) Click on “Delete” and then click on Ok button

If you have multiple email addresses delete those addresses.

Now you have to delete the “Email Service Associated with “Email2LeadProProcessor” Apex Class
4) Again locate the “Email Service” associated with “Email2LeadProProcessor”
Select “Delete” and click on OK button

5)  In the Set Up –> Quick Find –> Type “Installed Packages”
Under Packaging Click on “Installed Packages”
Select “Un Install” Email2LeadPro Package

6) Scroll down to the bottom. Select Appropriate Radio Button
Tick mark “Yes”
And Click on “Un Install” Button.

This will Un Install “Email2LeadPro” Application


What’s new

For upgrade steps, please see How to Upgrade? section above.

Version 1.10

  • Added Reports and Dashboards tabs
  • Better handling of imported data extraction settings
  • Performance improvements
  • Updated admin guide links from within the app

Version 1.9

  • Added powerful regular expressions capability $Rx:n:<regular expression> (n is capturing group, use 0 for default)
  • Added Picklist and Multi-Select Picklist support
  • Increased length for starting marker from 50 to 100
  • Fixed bug: When “Always Create New Lead” = No, program was picking converted lead. Now converted lead will not be used for update. Updated lead matching logic
  • Fixed bug: Single quote in LastName, Company, Title, Phone was causing dynamic SOQL to fail. Added additional try catch for each matching query to harden the code/program.
  • Simulation: Added From and Subject Email Headers (to simulate headers extraction)
  • Simulation Text area added style to prevent removal of spaces: added resize none, overflow and hidden attributes.

Version 1.8

  • Added capability to have multiple starting and ending markers for one field. For example: MobilePhone field can have two sets of starting markers.  M:  and Mobile:
  • Added field to track number of emails processed (See App Settings)
  • Fixed validation message in configuration to ignore standard restricted lead field: GeocodeAccuracy
  • Added watermark “– processed by Email2LeadPro” to Notes/Activity history
  • Added permission set “Email2LeadPro Administrator” to assign to additional Email2LeadPro admins who are having non System administrator profile.

Version 1.7

  • Better Email address capturing by using pattern / matcher
  • Added Email Header for “From” and “Subject” in Simulation
  • Updated links to admin guide (new location)

Version 1.6

  • Fixed issue with triggering of Lead Assignment Rule, If Lead Owner is not configured default lead assignment rule will be used.

Version 1.5

Version 1.5 brings enhancements all around, making the app much more versatile and powerful.

  • AppSettings can be now be configured for specific email template in data Settings (Configuration)
  • Improved Lead update logic (added App setting: Update Existing Data)
  • Added validate functionality (Validate button in Configuration tab)  to check possible missing configurations e.g. required field not defined in data settings (Configuration)
  • Separated Simulation functionality in it’s own tab for better user experience (Please manually add the simulation tab from (+) all tabs.
  • Add links to inbound email address for easier copy of email address for sending emails

Version 1.4

Version 1.4 is all about improvements under the hood

  • Improved robustness of the app
  • Resolved White spaces bug in data settings in  Configuration page.
  • Improved trimming of white spaces from data including trimming of non-breakable white-spaces, Improved email data trimming logic

Version 1.3

  • Export functionality: Export data Settings and App Settings. Backup your config and import in other environments. Also, share configuration with support team for faster reproducing of the issue and resolution.
  • Fixed “Open Case” url for Web to Case functionality from www to webto.

Version 1.2

  • New App Settings Page
  • Changed default for App Setting: Notify Admin On Warning to NO
  • Fixed: Selection of Error Routing email address corresponding to Email Service
  • Added some “Please wait…” messages while editing Data Settings
  • Streamlined code for Configuration and App Settings pages
  • Improved Error handling and reporting (e.g. Graceful handling of email deliverability setting when it is set to No Access or Systems Emails).